Karl runs his small design studio in a renovated room of his older sister located in Manolo Fortich (With a functional electric fan and hipster lights) that’s a 45-minute ride to Cagayan de Oro.

Karl Aguro aka iolak

Karl is a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and an aspiring contortionist based in Bukidnon, Philippines. Nope, he doesn’t live on top of a mountain but he runs his small design studio in a renovated room of his older sister located in Manolo Fortich (With a functional electric fan and hipster lights).

He finished his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Majoring in Advertising Arts) at the University of San Carlos.

He specialises in branding, identity, and always aspires to put the ‘yaaaassss’ factor in each of his client’s brand. He believes that for a brand to be successful, not only does it looks good but also serves a unique functionality that appeals to its audience.


This website looks so serious but gives you quite a confusion on the way it's written - so gay. We should really meet, that's if you want me to put sass and yass on your business/product. Shoot me an email at karladrianaguro@gmail.com and let's talk!


The YAS Factor

  1. Y: You better work, b*tch.

    Karl is a hardworking person. He pours his best in every work the he does and always make sure the he and his client meet halfway in every project.
  2. A: Aestheticsss

    Not only Karl makes sure that the solution to every project is backed up with proper research and a sound concept, he also believes that aesthetics plays a big role in the overall project. Like Violet Chachki said, “Be aware of your first impressions.” 
  3. S: Slaaaaay 

    The most important thing after every project is how the market responds to the work. A big chunk of his design process is devoted to research. He always makes sure that he knows what the client and the market want. That way, the end project will always be an epic slayage.
Karl helped me and my business achieve our greatest potential. YAAAASSSSSS.
— Beyoncé

Clients, & friends:

It’s unbelievable.
— Owl City
My life totally changed since the rebranding.
— Donald Trump

Unilever, Wild Greens, Stack Magazines, MUBI, Chingkeetea, Bowties & Butter, Ribpublic, Sprocketeers, SM Malls, iCanServe, Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Land, Inc., Farmstead, Spektral Brewing Corp, Teacup No. 23, Owl City, Sony, Suarez Brothers, University of San Carlos, Xavier University, 1620 Bistro, Calcium Bank, Eat Cake & Squat, Co., Polca & Co., Hey! It’s Your Birthday, Theories of Sweetness, Hoy!, Pop District Bazaar, Tommy Osmeña, east,west Cafe, Cebu Literary Festival, Miss Miyagi Artisan Ice Cream, Natech, Tablea, Antoni Tudisco, StreetKonnect, Pantry, Bagel Nook, Dong Juan, Wafer Models Philippines, Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye, Bethany, & Cacao Single Origin Coffee.